Different Types Of Cladding Options


Cladding is a term usually used in the building and construction industry to mean a type of materials applied to a structure or building. It is usually applied on the external walls of buildings to protect them from the elements. More often than not, cladding protects a structure from damages caused by rain and ice. Aside from providing protection, cladding can enhance the overall beauty of a home. It can add style and elegance to residential and commercial complexes alike.

There is a wide range of cladding options to choose from. Wooden cladding is one of the popular ones. It is usually fashioned using spruce and cedar, although other types of wood can be used as well. The major benefit of wood cladding is the fact that wood can be customized to achieve any shape, style or size. A person can choose from the huge assortment of sizes and styles to suit their personal preferences and tastes. It is imperative to seek advice from an expert regarding the needs of a home.

Wooden cladding can really improve the image of a building considerably. Often, wooden cladding is pre-treated before being sold. Even so, a homeowner can opt to treat it on their own to achieve the color and finish that they desire. Wooden cladding ought to be treated with preservatives as this will make sure that water does not affect the wood in any way. Another popular cladding option is stone cladding. Stone is a natural material that looks very stunning and is durable as well. This type of cladding option is one of the best. Generally speaking, stone won’t get affected by the elements. For instance, one will not have to worry about it getting damaged by water. Since it is durable, this form of cladding can be a great long-term investment. Those who have money available can opt for expensive stones such as marble and granite. Precious stones will not only add to the beauty of a home, but will also increase its value substantially. Businesses properties like offices, restaurants and hotels usually make use of this type of cladding.

Another popular cladding option is UPVC cladding. Even though UPVC cannot compare to stone or wood cladding, it can be a great alternative. It also has its own advantages over wood. UPVC is essentially convenient as it does not need any sort of maintenance. As long as it has been properly installed, one will not need to worry about regular cleaning or finishing whatsoever. For example, it does not call for painting. Once installed, it will remain there until the day a homeowner will decide to replace it with other cladding options. Plus, UPVC cladding is pretty versatile and can be used in both commercial and residential structures. It should not be forgotten that stone and wood cladding can also be applied on the interior surface of a structure. Marble is one of the popular stones used for this purpose. Places to buy cladding materials are numerous. A person can cheap marble tiles.