Conor And Katie

Starting An Organic Food Club

Looking at the world around us and all of the sickness and disease, it is easy to realize that the food that we eat and what we put in to our bodies on a daily basis is no longer a joke or something to be overlooked. Most young people follow a diet that is primarily fast food which is extremely dangerous. As a result, most of the world around us is sick and there are children and teenagers developing diseases that were once known to occur only in old people and this is killing off many young people. The cancer statistics show that the number of young people getting cancer every day is through the roof and that the problem is only getting worse because of the food that we eat. On the other hand, the lifestyles that we live have also become faster and more difficult because of technology. Everyone is in a race against time to work as hard as they can and to earn the most money to help them to survive in this world where the cost of living is so very high and as a result, no one has the time to sit at home and cook anymore. Therefore, they spend their money on places that sell fast food that is laden with chemicals preservatives and with very little to no nutrients at all.

Dare to be different

It would be a great idea for you to join together with a few friends and dare to be the difference by choosing to break the trend and eat healthy, clean organic food. In order to do this however, you will have to find a way of getting your hands on affordable organic food which is a lot more difficult than you might think because organic food is so very expensive to buy from the store. Instead, you could choose to grow your own food as a group with each person in the group undertaking to grow one vegetable or leafy green. You can buy garden gift sets that will make the whole project easier for all of you. Visit this link for more info when youo buy garden gift sets.

You will need to have good plant labels if you are choosing to grow more than one plant or leaf at a time to make sure that you know what the plant is. Keep in mind that growing food is not easy at the beginning and that the plants that you spend so much time on and invested so much effort on can sometimes die or fail to produce fruits or vegetables but it is important that you do not give up as it is a learned art.

Starting An Organic Food Club