What All Does Plumbing Include?

The plumbing industry specializes in various areas, such as water plumbing, drainage, mechanical services, gas services, roofing and so on. The role involves installation and maintenance of pipes and cisterns at residential establishments or businesses. The reason the maintenance might be important could be many, such as for irrigation needs, drainage or sewage. There are multiple career paths that could be rewarding for licensed professionals especially. You can find really good agencies to help you out with your plumbing requirements across Australia.

The role of a plumber does not always necessarily involve fittings and installation, but could also entail drafting of blueprints or in capacity designs. A better understanding of this field might come very handy when making the choice for the right agency to hire based on your specific requirements. While plumber in Ryde work primarily involves areas, such as water supply, gas fitting, roofing, drainage, mechanical services i.e. heating or ventilation, protection from fire, irrigation, a brief discussion about each of these is certainly good to know.


The below the ground sanitary drainage plumbing work encompasses any work related to fitting or repair of sanitary or roofing disposal outlets which connect the above ground systems enabled by sanitary fixtures to the below ground drainage system. Blocked drains could be a real cause of worry and needs immediate attention.

Water Supply

Leaky pipes, broken taps are something that probably all of us are familiar with. Plumbing involves the installation, repair, construction, replacement, testing and anything similar during any of such water related hazards.

Gas fitting

Anything that involves the usage of gas supply also comes under the purview of plumbing. It could be pipe work, setting up an apparatus or any control during any gas related service. This is a specialized field under plumbing which requires a license. When you hire a person for such work, ensure they carry a valid license.


Toilets, sinks, basins, showers or taps and other fixtures come under the sanitary framework and constitute the above the ground sanitary plumbing system. These sanitary fixtures are connected to drainage which is below the ground. Sanitary plumbing involves any of the above the ground sanitary work.

Mechanical services

Besides roofing work, there is also a need for proper ventilation in a room while construction. Be it involving repair or maintenance of air conditioners or any pipe work which is associated with heating/cooling, it comes under mechanical services.

Fire protection

Plumbing also involves protection from fire by addressing the water supply related needs that needs to be taken care of during a fire emergency.


If you are on the lookout for a company to hire for your plumbing work, it is a good idea to know what all does plumbing involve as listed in this article.